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Erin is a beautiful singer I play with; also in this project is the extraordinary loic B

Loopers- delight home of loopers, a mailing list I have been on for almost ten years !!! my post history :=)

Matthias Grob Musician and inventor of the best realtime hardware looper the Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP). He is from Zurich and lives in Brasil. He is somehow (because of the EDP) responsible of the music I'm playin for the last 10 years. I had the great pleasure to work with him during 3 years on the current EDP software as beta tester and wierd ideas instigator.

atelier109 Sebastien de Haller did the cover design of all the SAKARYN CDs and my solo 2 CDs. A great talent and friend

Lorenzo Valmontone Photographer of my current portraits.

zonemobius yahoogroup The EDP software emulation (not 100%) and its free.

Our family house to rent in IBIZA Yes this is the place I love for my not too expensive holidays in the sun.

Easygiga internet provider where this site is hosted. Telling them I sent you gives me coupons...