right Hand  CV - CV

Collège Secondaire Nyon. Certificate science section 1975.
Ecole des arts et métiers Geneve. Federal certificate of cabinet maker 1979.

Musical Education
Swiss Jazz School Bern 3 semesters 1977/78.
AMR geneve: ateliers.
Musician Institute Hollywood / California: Diploma with honors 1989

As sidemen on stage or in the studio
Perry Rose(Ireland), Bellwald, Stéphane Blok, Sebastian Santamaria, Chris de Burgh (GB), P. Chambaz, C. Denisart, B. Ogay, François Vé, Laurence Revey, Erin.

Studio musician, for theatre, dance, video.

I have been teaching the electric and acoustic guitar in Nyon since 1982.

Member of the band for 6 years, 2 CDs, 2 hits : Clara, Farniente; numerous concerts in Switzerland, France, Belgium.

Main personal project as SeeWhat? or Claude Voit
Since the release of the SeeWhat? recording 20 concerts in the main clubs and festival of Switzerland, with a small tour in Italy.

Concerts / Performances / Special Events


Patrick Chambaz LP "Ses Faces"

Sakaryn “à la fontaines des roméos”Sakaryn "à la fontaines des roméos"
CD sakaryn a la fontaines des romeos Sakaryn single "farniente"
Sakaryn “Dernières comptines avant l’ère du verso”Sakaryn "Dernières comptines avant l'ère du verso"
Sebastian Santamaria “Latino”Sebastian Santamaria "Latino"
Bellwald “Bricoloisirs”Bellwald "Bricoloisirs"
Christian Denisart “Tic Tac”Christian Denisart "Tic Tac"

The chaintape project
(International cd compilations out of the www) WWW.loopxchange.com
(CT) spring 99 (4 cd)
(CT) seventyfive seconds
(CT) Philters Phrenzy
(CT) Acoustic

SeeWhat? Electro/Acoustic/AmbientSeeWhat? Electro/Acoustic/Ambient ref 65315 Disques Office
" A drop of Swiss Sounds "a Swiss bands Compilation By Levi’s ®The song "The smoking man" in "A drop of Swiss Sounds" a Swiss bands Compilation By Levi's ®

The song "Tapio" in Cadavre exquis N°1 Bruit production Geneva

Amazon Grace compilation of 45 secs compositionsThe song "Ramalla" in "Amazon Grace" a 30 sec songs compilation www.Y-Y-Y.biz

CD claude voit on a wooden path Claude Voit On a wooden path ref 65627 Disques Office