my current SeeWhat? (Electronic) setup top to bottom left to right

Seewhat system front

8 port se setup window

Nord modular editor

Seewhat system behind

2 story custom footcontroler

fly over Seewhat

Rack Left

Peavey Pc1600x general purpose Midi fader controller.
Controls chiefly all the static volumes of all the devices, it is also the main controller when I leave the guitar and "play" the loops or the fx.

Rane AP13 my acoustic guitar preamp/eq mic blender.
Sets up the precise basic volume and tone that will be distributed among all the fx. Not shown on the picture is a FMRaudio RNC compressor that is placed in the insert loop of the AP13.

Opcode 8portSE 8 in/out midi interface, merger, filter.
Everything that is MIDI in the system goes thru this device, the 8portSE allows multiple midi controller to send, notes, cont.controllers, clocks, sysex sources be distributed to multiple destinations without any problem.This is definatly the best midi interface ever built I couldnt do half of the advanced Midi tricks I do without it. If you can find one get the winxp driver from

Clavia Nord Modular G2 its a modular synth, a multieffect, a midi processor.
By its modularity you assemble whatever you want it to be. Its 4 in, 4out allows incredible combinations with the other devices of the rack.

Lexicon PCM80 a high quality multieffect (reverb, expanded to 42 sec delay )
Used principally for post processing the loops and the G2

Rack Right

Yamaha RM1x Midi sequencer. Very solid clock, works very well with the EDP in all sync modes

2 Echoplex Digital Pro the most deep real-time looper ever.
I use a pair to allow stereo or as 2 seperate.

TC electronic G Force a complete high quality multieffect

SoundSculpture Switchblade GL high quality 16 in/out audio matrix mixer.
All audio sources and destinations are distributed by this key element. It allows instant re-routing of any input to any output

On the ground

EDP footcontroler All the common echoplex function immediatly available

Digitech PMC10 the midi footcontroler "Rolls"!! Contains all my esoteric EDP functions, controls the volumes in the heat of playing, starts sequences, sends sysex.

Roland GR30 guitar synth pedal board was used for the SeeWhat? 2002 concerts

Several pedals EDP feedback, Gforce expression pedal, Pc1600x expression pedal, pmc10 expression pedal

Multicores cables (Audio; Midi; Expression all separated) connect the 2 racks and the foot controler board allowing a 10 min setup and very reliable operation.
All the rack wiring and multicores conception by the excellent and wild Frederic Pfeiffer at Pips-tronic.