The making of SeeWhat? Electro/Acoustic/Ambient


view of the studio from painter Henry Meyer's space

SW EAA was recorded during 3 days June 1999 at Studio Artefax in Lausanne Switzerland by Bernard Amaudruz .

As the project was to record a 100% live performance we splited all the outs of my sound devices and sent them to the multitrack recorder cubase VST  and (as a backup) 16 tracks of tascam DA something.

So once everything was setup we just had to be in "record" to be sure to get anything interesting at any moment.

As most of the songs where recorded with the guitar's pick-ups I had the pleasure to stay in the engineer's room  and not be send alone behind the window with no direct contact with Bernie. It was also great to have the BIG monitors !

Although this recording session was planned for a 3-4 title mini cd demo we found ourselves with more then 90 minutes of fine music after only 3 days of recording.

I went back to Artefax in august for mixing. During the 2 month between rec and mix I had cut a lot of music out of the raw tracks to get to a more focussed record. Also some of the songs were completely improvised in the studio so some of the "tries" had to be cut out or edited.

The mixing was a long work of 7 days. When I play live I mix the different sounds I produce to two track and thats it; but here, for the sake of mixing afterwards, we had 1 clean direct guitar, 4 stereo fx track of guitar, the EDP loops, the sequencer.

Artefax is a one story loft rented by a group of artists (painters, video artists, musicians, composers, freelance sound ingeneers). This multi-artistic environement is completely open thanks to big windows wich allows a great panoramic look around. It was so cool to make music in one place while looking at the painter's work next room. A big dining room brings all the people together eventually for a coffee or a meal.