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The Process

A solo project which combines the acoustic guitar legacy with today's technology.

Acoustic guitar

His first chords, first heroes, first concerts where on acoustic and played "fingerstyle". Then later on came the electric sister and she took some serious space!!

For this project she's 100% back: detuned, percuted, scratched, prepared and played with needles, slides, bows, she's explored and caressed in all her.
She is also the only way to the more dense textures of polyphony, couterpoint and harmony.


Allows a real instrumentalist and improviser to repeat, multiply, tear, copy, paste, instantly structuring his musical material live. Where often the sound is hidden, saved in the hardware, here the machines are empty.
The source is in the hands, the heart, the memory.

The challenge consists in bending the machines towards exploration and improvisation : the option to build up live, in front of an audience, a music which turns out to be different every evening, at the mercy of inspiration
and sometimes even chance.

The music

Is slow, develops by layers, its repetitiveness provides a profound, detailed listening. Small events spring up in the background, develop, take the lead and disappear in the distance.

But it is also the rhythm, the trance, the groove of the machines, one can hear Africa, gamelans of Indonesia, the minimalists, the blues, folk, rock, electronica is never far away, and always
the guitar: the sound of wood, strings and fingers.

2 recordings show the two sides of the project:


The acoustic side 2007

Claude Voit On a wooden path

All composition by Claude Voit except 3 Trad; 5 Lennon Mc Cartney;
17 Pat Metheny

MP3 Player Ridicule danse Primitive ceremony
MP3 Player Violet love it North-south conversation
MP3 Player Hesitation Should I stay or should I go
4 Entre Séparation or invitation ?
5 Eleonor rigby Look at all the lonely people
MP3 Player Crapaud domestique He comes back every year
MP3 Player The breathing man Stop smoking !
MP3 Player Cactus Rick For my dad
9 Go Vas-y
MP3 Player Loulou is in love Forever
MP3 Player La réponse est un triangle The existential question
12 Old sound system Jurassic music
MP3 Player Summer brings Matthias Matthias leaves Brasil during winter (brr)
14 Tomber de l'échelle Falling down the ladder or walking under?
MP3 Player La princesse au petit pois I knew her once
16 Go Max go The king on a BMX
17 James A beautiful one from Pat Metheny
MP3 Player Réveiller la fourmilière Wake the anthill up, a spring activity
MP3 Player Repousser le singe Repulse the monkey, keep a straight back!
20 Sortez moi de là You may resume your activities
Distributed in Switzerland by DisqueOffice ref 65627 © P 2007 Produced by Claude Voit

The making of "on a wooden path"

The electronic side 2001

SeeWhat?- Electro/Acoustic/Ambient
1 Ipoukapek intro, let it grow
MP3 Player Vive la force jaune HeYaHeYa
MP3 Player Rêver devant le plongeoir a miracle, improvised in the studio
4 Ruthalla raw, acoustic
5 Walking Ben Ben was a very elegant dog
6 El faro very early when sky and sea seperate
7 She likes this one sort of pop song
8 Zamazama mosquitos
9 Smoking man never again
MP3 Player Harmonic obsession dance fast rustic dance
11 La Savina the ferry at 20h
Distributed in Switzerland by DisqueOffice ref 65315 © P 2001 Produced by Claude Voit

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